Working Papers 2005

ITLS-WP-05-01 Adobe PDF Document
The implications of respondent information processing rules on preference revelation in stated choice experiments
David A Hensher
ITLS-WP-05-02 Adobe PDF Document
The implications of Willingness to Pay of Respondents Ignoring Specific Attributes
David A Hensher, John Rose & William H Greene*
ITLS-WP-05-03 Adobe PDF Document
Accounting for Heterogeneity in the Variance of Unobserved Effects in Mixed Logit Models
William Greene,* David A Hensher & John Rose
ITLS-WP-05-04 Adobe PDF Document
Efficient Designs for Alternative Specific Choice Experiments
David A Hensher, John Rose & William H Greene*
Key words: Michiel CJ Bliemer* & John M Rose
ITLS-WP-05-05 Adobe PDF Document
The signs of the times: Imposing a globally signed condition on willingness to pay distributions
David A Hensher
Key words: Willingness to pay distributions, random parameter distributions, mixed logit
ITLS-WP-05-06 Adobe PDF Document
Auction Settings Impacts on the Performance of Truckload Transportation Marketplaces
Miguel Andres Figliozzi, Hani S. Mahmassani* and Patrick Jaillet
ITLS-WP-05-07 Adobe PDF Document
Constructing Efficient Choice Experiments
John M Rose & Michiel CJ Bliemer*
ITLS-WP-05-08 Adobe PDF Document
Efficiency and Sample Size Requirements for Stated Choice Studies
Michiel CJ Bliemer* & John M Rose
ITLS-WP-05-09 Adobe PDF Document
Recovering costs through price and service differentiation: Accounting for exogenous information on attribute processing strategies in airline choice
John M Rose, David A Hensher & William H Greene*
ITLS-WP-05-10 Adobe PDF Document
The implications of respondent attribute processing rules and experimental design on WTP in stated choice experiments
David A Hensher
ITLS-WP-05-11 Adobe PDF Document
Designing a procedure to undertake long term evaluation of the effects of TravelSmart interventions.
Peter Stopher, Stephen Greaves, Min Xu* & Natalie Lauer
ITLS-WP-05-12 Adobe PDF Document
Evaluation of different approaches for the truckload vehicle routing problem in a competitive environment
Miguel Andres Figliozzi
Key words: Performance, pickup and delivery service, evaluation and assessment, dynamic vehicle routing, sequential auctions, fleet assignment technologies
ITLS-WP-05-13 Adobe PDF Document
Sample optimality in the design of stated choice experiments
John M Rose & Michiel CJ Bliemer*
Key words: Stated Choice, Efficient Experimental Designs, Defficiency, Alternative Specific, Generic, Sample Size
ITLS-WP-05-14 Adobe PDF Document
Community perceptions of TravelSmart behaviour in South Australia
Tony Bertoia, Jill Tideman* & Peter R Stopher
Key words: TravelSmart, travel behaviour change, community-based social marketing, barriers
ITLS-WP-05-15 Adobe PDF Document
Accounting for exogenous information on decision maker processing strategies in models of discrete choice: Attribute exclusion strategies in airline choice
John M Rose, David A Hensher & William H Greene*
Key words: Stated choice experiment, behavioural outputs, willingness to pay, information processing strategy
ITLS-WP-05-16 Adobe PDF Document
The implications on willingness to pay of a stochastic treatment of attribute processing in stated choice studies
David Hensher, John Rose & Tony Bertoia
Key words: Stated choice designs, attribute processing, willingness to pay
ITLS-WP-05-17 Adobe PDF Document
Travel behaviour of seniors in an aging population: An exploratory study of trip chains and modal preferences in the greater metropolitan area of Sydney
Rahaf Alsnih & David Hensher
Key words: Mobility, accessibility, travel demand, ageing
ITLS-WP-05-18 Adobe PDF Document
Road user charging: The global relevance of recent developments in the United Kingdom
David Hensher & Sean Puckett
Key words: User charges, road pricing, congestion, integrated technology
ITLS-WP-05-19 Adobe PDF Document
Competitive tendering as a contracting mechanism for subsidising transportation: The bus experience
David A Hensher & Ian P Wallis*
Key words: Performance-based contracts, competitive tendering, subsidies, incentives
ITLS-WP-05-20 Adobe PDF Document
Route choice behavior of freeway travelers under real-time traffic information provision application of the best route and the habitual route choice mechanisms
Rong-Chang Jou*, David A Hensher & Ke-Hung Chen*
Key words: Best route, habitual route, generalized cost savings, thresholds

* Non-ITLS authors