Working Papers 2007

ITLS-WP-07-01 Adobe PDF Document
NSW government: Urban transport statement: Some comments
Alastair Stone
Key words: Urban transport networks, corridors, accessibility, demand, institutional arrangements, freight, congestion pricing, AusLink
ITLS-WP-07-02 Adobe PDF Document
Daytime population tracking for planning and pollution exposure assessment
Andrew Collins and Stephen Greaves
Key words: Population tracking, daytime population, population density, pollution exposure, emergency evacuation, aircraft noise
ITLS-WP-07-03 Adobe PDF Document
Planning approximations to the length of TSP and VRP problems
Miguel Andres Figliozzi
Key words: Traveling salesman problem, vehicle routing problem, distance estimation, marginal cost, simulated experiments, case study.
TLS-WP-07-04 Adobe PDF Document
Joint estimation of process and outcome in choice experiments involving attribute framing
David A. Hensher
Key words: Process, outcome, attribute processing, choice experiments, reference points, willingness to pay, prospects.
ITLS-WP-07-05 Adobe PDF Document
Extending stated choice analysis to recognise agent specific attribute endogeneity in bilateral group negotiation and choice: A think piece
Sean M. Puckett, David A. Hensher and John M. Rose
Key words: Stated choice, attribute endogeneity, agent interaction, true bargaining set
ITLS-WP-07-06 Adobe PDF Document
Achieving competitive advantage through strategic and operational partnering in the value chain: The Asia Pacific challenge
David Walters and Mark Rainbird
Key words: Operational outsourcing, strategic/transformational outsourcing, economic value added, enterprise value
ITLS-WP-07-07 Adobe PDF Document
Using Rudyard Kipling to design value chain processes: An application of interactions theory
David Walters
Key words: Value delivery systems; tacit, transactional and transformational interactions
ITLS-WP-07-08 Adobe PDF Document
Climate change, enhanced greenhouse gas emissions and passenger transport What can we do to make a difference?
David A. Hensher
Key words: Greenhouse gas emissions, passenger transport, CO2, Tresis1.4, system wide impacts, strategic prioritization, variable user charges, carbon tax, congestion charges
ITLS-WP-07-09 Adobe PDF Document
Assessing pedestrian exposure to fine particulates at fine levels of spatio-temporal resolution
Stephen Greaves and Qian Liu
Key words: Pedestrian exposure, GPS technology, PM2.5
ITLS-WP-07-10 Adobe PDF Document
The dark side of making transit irresistible: The example of France
Dominique Bouf and David Hensher
Key words: French transport policy, modal share, charging, car dominance, challenges for public transport
ITLS-WP-07-11 Adobe PDF Document
Port productivity analysis by using DEA: A case study in Malaysia
Ada Suk Fung Ng and Chee Xui Lee
Key words: Productivity, Malaysian ports, data envelopment analysis
ITLS-WP-07-12 Adobe PDF Document
Predicting fine particulate concentrations near a busy intersection in Sydney using artificial neural networks
Tharit Issarayangyun and Stephen Greaves
Key words: Artificial neural networks, PM2.5
ITLS-WP-07-13 Adobe PDF Document
A mixed generalized ordered response model for examining pedestrian and bicyclist injury severity level in traffic crashes
Naveen Eluru, Chandra R Bhat and David A Hensher
Key words: Injury severity, ordered-response model, pedestrian safety, bicyclist safety, non-motorized travel
ITLS-WP-07-14 Adobe PDF Document
Value chain positioning: Performance and partnerships
David Walters
Key words: Vertical and horizontal positioning, demand chains, supply chains, operational response systems, partnerships cost and control considerations
ITLS-WP-07-15 Adobe PDF Document
Behavioural responses of freight transporters and shippers to road user charging schemes: An empirical assessment
David A Hensher and Sean M Puckett
Key words: User charges, kilometre-based charges, congestion, freight distribution chains, choice modelling, willingness to pay
iITLS-WP-07-16 Adobe PDF Document
Combining RP and SP data: Biases in using the nested logit trick contrasts with flexible mixed logit incorporating panel and scale effects
David A Hensher, John Rose and William H Greene
Key words: Combined SP and RP data, nested logit trick, scale parameters, error component mixed logit, reference dependence
ITLS-WP-07-17 Adobe PDF Document
Evacuation plan evaluation: Assessment of vehicular evacuation schemes by means of an analytical dynamic traffic model
Adam J. Pel and Michiel C.J. Bliemer
Key words: Evacuation planning, evacuation behaviour, dynamic traffic modelling
ITLS-WP-07-18 Adobe PDF Document
The implications of interactions theory and application for value chain management
David Walters
Key words: Value networks; transformation interactions, exchange transaction interactions, communications interactions
ITLS-WP-07-19 Adobe PDF Document
Beyond the supply chain: An operations response system as an efficient means of implementing a customer-centric market response
David Walters and Mark Rainbird
Key words: Supply chain; demand chain; operations response system
ITLS-WP-07-20 Adobe PDF Document
The Multiple Discrete Continuous Extreme Value (MDCEV) model: Role of utility function parameters, identification considerations, and model extensions
Chandra R. Bhat
Key words: Discrete-continuous system, multiple discreteness, Kuhn- Tucker demand systems, mixed discrete choice, random utility maximization
ITLS-WP-07-21 Adobe PDF Document
Power, concession and cooperation in freight distribution chains subject to distance-based user charges
David A Hensher and Sean M. Puckett
Key words: Variable road user charges, congestion, freight distribution chains, choice modelling, group decision making
ITLS-WP-07-22 Adobe PDF Document
Selective developments in choice analysis and a reminder about the dimensionality of behavioural analysis
David A Hensher, John M Rose and Sean Puckett
Key words: Choice, attribute processing, efficient designs, joint decision making, willingness to pay