Working Papers 2008

ITLS-WP-08-01 Adobe PDF Document
Determining trip information using GPS data
Eoin Clifford, Jun Zhang and Peter Stopher
Key words: Travel surveys, transport, GPS applications, trip analysis
ITLS-WP-08-02 Adobe PDF Document
Assessing systematic sources of variation in public transport elasticities: Some comparative warnings
David A Hensher
Key words: Elasticity, public transport, meta analysis, fares, invehicle time, headway, influences on elasticities
ITLS-WP-08-03 Adobe PDF Document
Managing congestion Are we willing to pay the price?
Peter Stopher and Camden FitzGerald
Key words: Congestion management, congestion, transport policy, road user charges
ITLS-WP-08-04 Adobe PDF Document
Revealing the extent of process heterogeneity in choice analysis: An empirical assessment
Sean Puckett and David Hensher
Key words: Process heterogeneity, event description, stated choice, design complexity, relevance, subadditivity, packaging
ITLS-WP-08-05 Adobe PDF Document
Bus rapid transit systems: A comparative assessment
David Hensher and Thomas Golob
Key words: Bus rapid transit, comparative analysis, infrastructure costs, service levels
ITLS-WP-08-06 Adobe PDF Document
Deducing mode and purpose from GPS data
Peter Stopher, Eoin Clifford, Jun Zhang and Camden FitzGerald
Key words: Travel surveys, GPS, GIS, trips, travel mode, trip purpose
ITLS-WP-08-07 Adobe PDF Document
Emerging business models
David Walters
Key words: New economy, value chain management, new approaches to traditional decision making
ITLS-WP-08-08 Adobe PDF Document
The value chain approach imposes increased expectations on logistics management
David Walters
Key words: Network systems, virtual organisations, value chains, logistics management
ITLS-WP-08-09 Adobe PDF Document
Should reference alternatives in pivot design SC surveys be treated differently?
Stephane Hess and John Rose
Key words: Stated choice, pivot designs, discrete choice
ITLS-WP-08-10 Adobe PDF Document
An annual time use model for vacation travel
Jeffrey LaMondia, Chandra R. Bhat and David A Hensher
Key words: Vacation travel, discrete, choice models, activity models
ITLS-WP-08-11 Adobe PDF Document
Public private partnerships: A procurement device to manage public sector debt
Demi Chung
Key words: Public private partnerships, social dynamic framework of interests, public procurement policy, Port Macquarie Base Hospital, Cross City Tunnel
ITLS-WP-08-12 Adobe PDF Document
Efficient stated choice experiments for estimating nested logit models
Michiel CJ Bliemer, John M Rose, and David A Hensher
Key words: Stated choice, efficient experimental designs, nested logit, sample size
ITLS-WP-08-13 Adobe PDF Document
Construction of experimental designs for mixed logit models allowing for correlation across choice observations
Michiel CJ Bliemer and John M Rose
Key words: Stated choice, experimental design, D-efficiency, panel mixed logit
ITLS-WP-08-14 Adobe PDF Document
Regional airports and opportunities for low cost carriers in Australia
Andrew Collins, David Hensher and Zheng Li
Key words: Regional airports, low cost carriers, regular passenger transport, structural equation system, three stage least squares (3SLS)
ITLS-WP-08-15 Adobe PDF Document
Commercial vehicle tour data collection using passive GPS technology: Issues and potential applications
Stephen P Greaves and Miguel A Figliozzi
Key words: Freight data collection, commercial vehicle tours, GPS
ITLS-WP-08-16 Adobe PDF Document
Ordered choices and heterogeneity in attribute processing
William H Greene and David A Hensher
Key words: Ordered choice, heterogeneous thresholds, random parameters, stated choice designs, information processing, ignoring attributes
ITLS-WP-08-17 Adobe PDF Document
The demand chain and response management: New directions for operations management?
David Walters and Mark Rainbird
Key words: Value chain; demand chain, supply chain, response management
ITLS-WP-08-18 Adobe PDF Document
Cash flow management and strategic responses that create corporate value: Some observations
David Walters
Key words: Cash flow management, strategic and structural decisions, corporate value
ITLS-WP-08-19 Adobe PDF Document
Response management: Strategic and operational considerations
David Walters
Key words: Dynamic business environment; demand chain analysis and management; response management
ITLS-WP-08-20 Adobe PDF Document
Aggregation of common-metric attributes in preference revelation in choice experiments and implications for willingness to pay
David Layton and David A. Hensher
Key words: Stated choice designs; information processing; attribute addition; thresholds; willingness to pay
ITLS-WP-08-21 Adobe PDF Document
What if petrol increased to $10 per litre? Implications on travel behaviour and public transport demand
David A. Hensher and John K. Stanley
Key words: Tresis1.1M, systemwide impacts, fuel prices, public transport, vehicle use, CO2
ITLS-WP-08-22 Adobe PDF Document
The six sigma approach in performance management to reduce injury rate at work
Jo Rhodes, Peter Lok, Abe Diamond and Nitin Bhatia
Key words: Six sigma, performance management, safety culture, continuous improvement, DMAIC, injury rate