Working Papers 2009

ITLS-WP-09-01  Adobe PDF Document
Hypothetical bias, choice experiments and willingness to pay
David A Hensher
Key words: Hypothetical bias, willingness to pay, choice experiments, contingent valuation, contextual bias, referencing, revealed behaviour
ITLS-WP-09-02  Adobe PDF Document
Ordered choices and heterogeneity in attribute processing
William H Greene and David A Hensher
Key words: Ordered choice, heterogeneous thresholds, random parameters, stated choice designs, information processing, ignoring attributes
ITLS-WP-09-03  Adobe PDF Document
Estimating the willingness-to-pay and value of risk reduction for car occupants in the road environment
David A Hensher, John M Rose, Juan de Dios Ortzar and Luis I. Rizzi
Key words: Safety, value of life, willingness to pay, car travel, value of risk reduction, stated choice experiment
ITLS-WP-09-04  Adobe PDF Document
Costing value chain relationships: A challenge for strategic cost management and value chain management
David Walters
Key words: Business models, "value", value builders and value drivers, value chain networks, production economics, and, attribute based management and costing (ABMC)
ITLS-WP-09-05  Adobe PDF Document
Commentary on the report to COAG by Infrastructure Australia
Alastair Stone
Key words: Public infrastructure services; transport; energy; water; communications; sector analysis; economic development; World Bank; governance; institutional arrangements; control; pricing; decision making processes.
ITLS-WP-09-06  Adobe PDF Document
A strategic-level modelling tool for evaluating air quality and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for urban road freight in Sydney
Stephen Greaves
Key words: Road freight; emissions; policy options
ITLS-WP-09-07  Adobe PDF Document
Discrete location planning
Knut Haase
Key words: Discrete location, competition, multinomial logit model, constant substitution patterns, flexible substitution patterns, simulation, parcel service provider
ITLS-WP-09-08  Adobe PDF Document
Incorporating model uncertainty into the generation of efficient stated choice experiments: A model averaging approach
John M. Rose, Riccardo Scarpa & Michiel C.J. Bliemer
Key words: Model averaging, experimental design, stated choice, statistical efficiency, sample size
ITLS-WP-09-09  Adobe PDF Document
Observed efficiency of a d-optimal design in an interactive agency choice experiment
Sean M. Puckett & John M. Rose
Key words: Experimental design, d-optimality, interactive agency, interdependent decision making, urban freight, road user charging
ITLS-WP-09-10  Adobe PDF Document
Using value chain networks to enhance cash flow management and create corporate value: Some observations
David Walters
Key words: Cash flow management, strategic and structural decisions, corporate value
ITLS-WP-09-11  Adobe PDF Document
The emergence of interactions as strategic entities in value chain networks
Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya and David Walters
Key words: Value chain networks, interaction costs, tacit interactions, transactional interactions, transformational interactions
ITLS-WP-09-12  Adobe PDF Document
Attribute processing, heuristics, and preference construction in choice analysis
David Hensher
Key words: Heuristics and rules, common-metric attribute processing, parameter transfer, choice experiments, thresholds, asymmetry, willingness to pay, referencing, self-stated intentions, belief functions, plausibility
ITLS-WP-09-13  Adobe PDF Document
Non-attendance and dual processing of common-metric attributes in choice analysis: A latent class specification
David A. Hensher and William H. Greene
Key words: Attribute non-attendance, common-metric attributes aggregation, parameter transfer, latent class, stated choice, willingness to pay
ITLS-WP-09-14  Adobe PDF Document
Petrol consumption and emissions from automobiles: Can policies make a difference?
Zheng Li, John M. Rose and David A. Hensher
Key words: Petrol demand, passenger cars, forecasting models, greenhouse gas emissions, CO2, environmental policies, Tresis1.4
ITLS-WP-09-15  Adobe PDF Document
Constant elasticity of substitution (CES) production function can greatly overestimate the economic costs of climate policies
Truong P. Truong
Key words: JEL C68, D24, D58, Q43, Q54, computable general equilibrium modelling, constant-elasticity-of-substitution production function, climate policy, marginal abatement cost
ITLS-WP-09-16  Adobe PDF Document
Urban transport in Australia: Has it reached breaking point?
John Stanley and David A. Hensher
Key words: Climate change, road congestion, road pricing, transport infrastructure, transport planning
ITLS-WP-09-17  Adobe PDF Document
A framework for strategic decision-making and performance among Chinese managers
Peter Lok, Jo Rhodes and Vincent Cheng
Key words: Chinese culture, cognitive-speed path, organiSational performance, social-political path, strategic decision making processes (SDM)
ITLS-WP-09-18  Adobe PDF Document
The influence of organizational subcultures in health organizations
Peter Lok, Bob Westwood, Jo Rhodes and Paul Wang
Key words: Commitment, organizational culture, organizational subculture, leadership, job satisfaction
ITLS-WP-09-19  Adobe PDF Document
Factors that comprise driver boredom and their relationships to preferred driving speed and demographic variables
S. Heslop, J. Harvey, N. Thorpe and C. Mulley
Key words: Boredom, driver behaviour, speed, cognitive capacity
ITLS-WP-09-20  Adobe PDF Document
Is 'Compact City' a sensible planning approach? Empirical evidence of cross perceptions of travel attitudes in British settlements
Paulus T. Aditjandra, Corinne Mulley and John D. Nelson
Key words: Neighbourhood design, land-use, travel attitudes, multi-variate analysis
ITLS-WP-09-21  Adobe PDF Document
Road transport and climate change: Stepping off the greenhouse gas
John K. Stanley, David A. Hensher and Chris Loader
Key words: Climate change, emission targets, fuel efficiency, mode share, public transport

Board of Advice Working Papers

ITLS-BoA-WP-09-01 Adobe PDF Document
European aviation liberalization:A view from afar
John M.C. King
Key words: Aviation, liberalization, European air carriers, Australian air carriers, Gulf State air carriers, operations, traffic rights, code shares, horizontal agreements, Asean
ITLS-BoA-WP-09-02 Adobe PDF Document
A study of a trusting partnership between government and industry
Darryl Mellish and Ian MacDonald
Key words: Contracting, planning, reforms, trusting partnerships and social exclusion