Working Papers 2010

ITLS-WP-10-01  Adobe PDF Document
Search based internet surveys: Airline stated choice
Andrew T Collins, John M Rose and Stephane Hess
Key words: Airline choice; stated choice experiment; information processing strategies; and survey realism
ITLS-WP-10-02  Adobe PDF Document
Metropolitan bus service contracts: Thoughts on the next round
David A Hensher and John Stanley
Key words: Bus contracts; trusting partnerships; margins; tendering; negotiation; performance based contracts; asset ownership
ITLS-WP-10-03  Adobe PDF Document
Passenger transport in the UK 1920-1950: The drive for 'co-ordination' of transport modes
Corinne Mulley
Key words: UK Transport policy between the wars, regulation, nationalisation, transport co-ordination, transport integration
ITLS-WP-10-04  Adobe PDF Document
What does it cost to travel in Sydney? Spatial and equity contrasts across the metropolitan region
David Hensher and Xiaofen Chen
Key words: Household and personal travel, Sydney, travel time, travel cost, generalised cost, public transport, equity, car ownership costs
ITLS-WP-10-05  Adobe PDF Document
Willingness to pay for travel time reliability in passenger transport: A review and some new empirical evidence
Zheng Li, David A Hensher & John M Rose
Key words: Travel time reliability, passenger transport, value of travel time savings, value of reliability, schedule delay
ITLS-WP-10-06  Adobe PDF Document
Heterogeneous truck routing policies with tour routing time restriction
Ada Suk Fung Ng and Mei Khing Ong
Key words: Vehicle routing; full-truck-load; pickup and delivery; tour routing time
ITLS-WP-10-07  Adobe PDF Document
Missing and inaccurate information from travel surveys: Pilot results
Peter Stopher and Stephen Greaves
Key words: Travel surveys, transport, GPS applications, trip analysis
ITLS-WP-10-08  Adobe PDF Document
The accuracy of proxy responses in a stated choice setting
Matthew J. Beck, John M. Rose and David A. Hensher
Key words: Proxy response, stated choice experiment, willingness to pay, accuracy, preference estimation, sampling method, bias
ITLS-WP-10-09  Adobe PDF Document
The logistics implications of the emerging business model
David Walters and Jeffrey Newton
Key words: Fixed assets; working capital; technology; new product development
ITLS-WP-10-10  Adobe PDF Document
Factors that comprise driver boredom and their relationships to preferred driving speed and demographic variables
S. Heslop, J. Harvey, N. Thorpe and C. Mulley
Key words: Boredom, driver behaviour, speed, cognitive capacity
ITLS-WP-10-11  Adobe PDF Document
Results of an evaluation of TravelSmart in South Australia
Peter Stopher, Yun Zhang, Jun Zhang and Belinda Halling
Key words: Travel surveys, transport, GPS applications, trip analysis, TravelSmart
ITLS-WP-10-12  Adobe PDF Document
Short sea shipping: Lessons for or from Australia?
Helen B Bendall and Mary R Brooks
Key words: Short sea shipping, Australia, regulation, mode switching, maritime reform
ITLS-WP-10-13  Adobe PDF Document
Interactive stated choice surveys: A study of air travel behaviour
Andrew T Collins, John M Rose and Stephane Hess
Key words: Airline choice, stated choice experiments, information search, survey realism, online travel agent
ITLS-WP-10-14  Adobe PDF Document
Social exclusion and the value of mobility
John Stanley, David A. Hensher, Janet Stanley, Graham Currie, William H. Greene and Dianne Vella-Brodrick
Key words: Social exclusion, Mobility, Melbourne Survey, Ordered Logit
ITLS-WP-10-15  Adobe PDF Document
Does scale heterogeneity across individuals matter? An empirical assessment of alternative logit models
William H Greene and David A Hensher
Key words: Scale heterogeneity, taste heterogeneity, generalized mixed logit, commuting mode choice, stated choice experiment, elasticities
ITLS-WP-10-16  Adobe PDF Document
Literature review of induced travel
Graham Currie and Alexa Delbosc
Key words: Induced travel, clearways, elasticities
ITLS-WP-10-17  Adobe PDF Document
Development of a kilometre-based rewards system to encourage safer driving practices
Stephen Greaves and Simon Fifer
Key words: Road safety; driving behaviour; financial rewards
ITLS-WP-10-18  Adobe PDF Document
Accounting for differences in modelled estimates of RP, SP and RP/SP direct petrol price elasticities for car mode choice: A warning
David A Hensher and Zheng Li
Key words: Direct petrol price elasticities, cars, random coefficient regression, data paradigms
ITLS-WP-10-19  Adobe PDF Document
Development of a GPS/GPRS prompted-recall solution for longitudinal driving behaviour studies
Stephen Greaves, Simon Fifer, Richard Ellison, Yun Zhang and George Germanos
Key words: Travel surveys, transport, GPS/GPRS applications, prompted recalled surveys, longitudinal driving behaviour study
ITLS-WP-10-20  Adobe PDF Document
An evaluation of TravelSmart tools for travel behaviour change
Yun Zhang, Peter Stopher and Belinda Halling
Key words: Travel surveys, TravelSmart, voluntary travel behaviour change
ITLS-WP-10-21  Adobe PDF Document
Interrogation of responses to stated choice experiments: Is there sense in what respondents tell us?
David A Hensher and Andrew T Collins
Key words: Choice experiments, rational choice, sequence effects, referencing, reference revision, attribute processing, majority of confirming dimensions, evidential rules
ITLS-WP-10-22  Adobe PDF Document
A combined GPS/stated choice experiment to estimate values of crash-risk reduction
Simon Fifer, Stephen Greaves, John Rose and Richard Ellison
Key words: Choice modelling, survey methods, stated preference, revealed preference
ITLS-WP-10-23  Adobe PDF Document
Can GPS replace conventional travel surveys? Some findings
Peter Stopher, Christine Prasad and Jun Zhang
Key words: GPS, travel survey, mode, purpose, prompted recall survey
ITLS-WP-10-24  Adobe PDF Document
Comparing GPS and prompted recall data records
Peter Stopher, Christine Prasad and Jun Zhang
Key words: GPS travel survey, travel mode, travel purpose, prompted recall survey

Research Reports

ITLS-RR-10-01 Adobe PDF Document
Peter Graham
Key words:
ITLS-RR-10-02 Adobe PDF Document
The acceptability of road pricing: An application of a theoretical and analytical framework to the realities of decision making in Sydney
Joel Palmer (Supervised by Dr. Sean Puckett)
Key words: Road Pricing, Political Acceptability, Sydney, Acceptability

Board of Advice Working Papers

ITLS-BoA-WP-10-01 Adobe PDF Document
A framework for transport planning in Australia: With special reference to UK Eddington transport study
Alastair Stone
Key words: Public infrastructure services; transport planning; investment; land use; location; sector analysis; economic development; World Bank; governance; institutional arrangements; control; pricing; decision making processes; dynamics; adaptation