Working Papers 2011

ITLS-WP-11-01  Adobe PDF Document
Embedding risk attitudes in a scheduling model: Application to the study of commuting departure time.
Zheng Li, Alejandro Tirachini & David A. Hensher
Key words: Risk attitude; commuter car travel; willingness to pay; travel time variability; non-linear scheduling model; mixed multinomial logit; departure time.
ITLS-WP-11-02  Adobe PDF Document
A correction framework for improving the robustness of motor vehicle registration data.
John Apelbaum
Key words: Motor vehicle registration data; scrappage rates; vehicle sales.
ITLS-WP-11-03  Adobe PDF Document
No car lanes or bus lanes: which gives public transport the better priority? An evaluation of priority lanes in Tyne and Wear.
Corinne Mulley
Key words: Bus priority; no car lanes; policy evaluation.
ITLS-WP-11-04  Adobe PDF Document
Travel time expenditures and travel time budgets - Preliminary findings
Peter Stopher and Yun Zhang
Key words: Travel time expenditure; travel time budget; transport; GPS
ITLS-WP-11-05  Adobe PDF Document
Analysing speeding behaviour: A multilevel modelling approach.
Russell Familar, Stephen Greaves and Adrian Ellison
Key words: Speeding; multilevel modelling; GPS technology.
ITLS-WP-11-06  Adobe PDF Document
Travel time competitiveness of cycling in Sydney.
Richard B Ellison and Stephen Greaves
Key words: Cycling; active transport; sustainability; travel time.
ITLS-WP-11-07  Adobe PDF Document
Consistently inconsistent: The role of certainty, acceptability and scale in automobile choice.
Matthew J Beck, John M Rose and David A Hensher
Key words: Scale; heterogeneity, certainty; vehicle choice; preferences; scaled multinomial logit; choice survey; respondent behaviour; acceptability.
ITLS-WP-11-08  Adobe PDF Document
Evaluation of GPS device properties for a possible use in future household travel surveys.
Peter Stopher and Nicolas Speisser*
Key words: Household travel survey; GPS; transport.
ITLS-WP-11-09  Adobe PDF Document
A proposal for accessibility planning in NSW: Research and policy issues.
Rhonda Daniels and Corinne Mulley
Key words: Accessibility; transport planning; indicators; public transport.
ITLS-WP-11-10  Adobe PDF Document
Towards a simplified payment formula as a reference point for bus contract negotiation or assessment.
David A. Hensher, Corinne Mulley and Neil Smith
Key words: Bus contracts; payment formulae; simplified contracts; international experience; reference point; cost; patronage; contract negotiation.
ITLS-WP-11-11  Adobe PDF Document
The impact of environmental attitudes on responses to emissions charging and vehicle choice.
Matthew J Beck, John M Rose and David A Hensher
Key words: Stated preference; emissions charging; vehicle choice; response bias.
ITLS-WP-11-13  Adobe PDF Document
The logistics implications of emerging business models.
David Walters
Key words: Business models; globalisation regionalisation collaboration value drivers; value added; productivity profitability.
ITLS-WP-11-14  Adobe PDF Document
Does the choice model method and/or the data matter?
David A Hensher, John M Rose and Zheng Li
Key words: Multiple data sets; stated choice; discrete choice models; scale; MNL; latent class; mixed logit; scale MNL; generalized mixed logit; Australia; New Zealand.
ITLS-WP-11-15  Adobe PDF Document
Networks alliances as strategy: A case study of an SME in an emerging economy.
Peter Lok, Jo Rhodes and David Walters
Key words: Strategic network alliance; relationship management; knowledge sharing management; SMEs.
ITLS-WP-11-16  Adobe PDF Document
The importance of completeness and clarity in air transport contracts in remote regions in Europe and Australia.
Rico Merkert and David A. Hensher
Key words: Aviation in remote regions; public service obligations; contracts; transaction costs.
ITLS-WP-11-17  Adobe PDF Document
Environmental and social taxes: Reforming road pricing in Australia.
John Stanley and David Hensher
Key words: Road pricing; tax reform; Australia; congestion; externalities; optimal tax.
ITLS-WP-11-18  Adobe PDF Document
Analysis of a financial incentive to encourage safer driving practices.
Stephen Greaves and Simon Fifer
Key words: Road safety; speeding; behaviour change; kilometre-based charges.
ITLS-WP-11-19  Adobe PDF Document
A comparison of algorithms for generating efficient choice experiments.
Wu Quan, John M. Rose, Andrew T. Collins and Michiel C.J. Bliemer
Key words: Stated choice; efficient experimental designs; algorithms.
ITLS-WP-11-20  Adobe PDF Document
Understanding mode choice decisions: A study of Australian freight shippers.
Mary R. Brooks, Sean M. Puckett, David A. Hensher and Adrian Sammons
Key words: Mode choice; short sea shipping, Australia.
ITLS-WP-11-21  Adobe PDF Document
A maritime security framework for fighting piracy.
Ada Suk Fung Ng
Key words: Maritime security; piracy; Straits of Malacca; Somalia.
ITLS-WP-11-22  Adobe PDF Document
Improved information for better land transport in our cities.
John Stanley
Key words: Climate change; COAG Reform Council; traffic congestion; liveability performance indicators; social exclusion.
ITLS-WP-11-23  Adobe PDF Document
Random regret minimization or random utility maximization: An exploratory analysis in the context of automobile fuel choice.
David Hensher, William H. Greene and Caspar G. Chorus
Key words: Random regret; random utility; automobile choice; stated choice experiment; elasticities.
ITLS-WP-11-24  Adobe PDF Document
The impact of discontinuity in governance: How transport planning went off the rails in Sydney.
Rhonda Daniels
Key words: Governance; institutions; transport planning; public transport.
ITS-WP-11-12  Adobe PDF Document
The spatial distribution of parking policy and usage: A case study of Melbourne, Australia.
William Young and Clare Ferres Miles
Key words: Parking; spatial distribution; supply policy.

Board of Advice Working Papers

ITLS-BoA-WP-11-01 Adobe PDF Document
Systems Economics: Essay 1 - Definition of the economic product.
Alastair Stone
Key words: Systems economics; entity; product; motivation; dimension; causality; institutional arrangements; transaction costs; markets, firms; public; private; decision making process.