Working Papers 2012

ITLS-WP-12-01  Adobe PDF Document
Linking discrete choice to continuous demand within the framework of a computable general equilibrium model for the analysis of wider economic impacts of transport investment projects.
Truong P. Truong & David A. Hensher
Key words: Bottom-up; top-down; discrete choice; differentiated products; continuous demand; computable general equilibrium (CGE) models; transport infrastructure investment; urban planning; wider economic impacts.
ITLS-WP-12-02  Adobe PDF Document
Making use of respondent reported processing information to understand attribute importance: A latent variable scaling approach.
Stephane Hess & David A. Hensher
Key words: Information processing; attribute ignoring; non-attendance; attribute importance; attribute relevance; stated choice.
ITLS-WP-12-03  Adobe PDF Document
Quasi-dynamic network loading: Adding queuing and spillback to static traffic assignment.
Michiel Bliemer, Luuk Brederode, Luc Wismans & Erik-Sander Smits
Key words: Static traffic assignment; quasi-dynamic traffic assignment; network loading; link transmission model; hard capacity constraints.
ITLS-WP-12-04  Adobe PDF Document
Inferring attribute non-attendance from stated choice data: Implications for willingness to pay estimates and a warning for stated choice experiment design.
David A. Hensher, John M. Rose & William H. Greene
Key words: Attribute processing; attribute attendance; toll vs. free routes; value of travel time savings; choice models; probabilistic decision process model.
ITLS-WP-12-05  Adobe PDF Document
Assessing the wider economy impacts of transport infrastructure investment with an illustrative application to the north-west rail link project in Sydney, Australia.
David A. Hensher, Truong P. Truong, Corinne Mulley & Richard Ellison
Key words: Wider economy impacts; transport user benefits; employment agglomeration; effective density; spatial general equilibrium; rail projects; Sydney; agglomeration elasticities.
ITLS-WP-12-06  Adobe PDF Document
Accessibility and residual land value uplift: Identifying spatial variations in the accessibility impacts of a bus transitway.
Karley Densmore & Corinne Mulley
Key words: Residential land value uplift; bus transitway infrastructure; accessibility; house prices premia from accessibility improvements; geographically weighted regression.
ITLS-WP-12-07  Adobe PDF Document
Examining estimator bias and efficiency for pseudo panel data: A Monte Carlo simulation approach.
Chi-Hong Tsai, Waiyan Leong, Corinne Mulley & Geoffrey Clifton
Key words: Pseudo panel data; dynamic model; Monte Carlo simulation; estimator bias and efficiency.
ITLS-WP-12-08  Adobe PDF Document
The relationship between brand trust, online customer reviews and willingness to purchase.
Peter CW Lok, Vincent TP Cheng, Jo H Rhodes & Glenn Asano
Key words: Online reviews; eWom; brand trust; willingness to purchase.
ITLS-WP-12-09  Adobe PDF Document
The economics and engineering of bus stops: Spacing, design and congestion.
Alejandro Tirachini
Key words: Bus stop, Poisson, congestion, queue, bus delay, bus rapid transit.
ITLS-WP-12-10  Adobe PDF Document
Downs-Thomson paradox and public transit capacity choice in the laboratory.
Laurent Denant-Boemont and Sabrina Hammiche
Key words: Traffic equilibrium; experimental economics; transport capacity; congestion; intermodal competition.
ITLS-WP-12-11  Adobe PDF Document
A modified product life cycle becomes a useful basis for a new product-service strategy model.
David Walters & Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya
Key words: Innovation; imitation; commoditisation; value migration; the PRODUCT-service life cycle; the product-SERVICE life cycle.
ITLS-WP-12-12  Adobe PDF Document
Transport improvement, agglomeration effect and urban productivity: The case of Chinese cities.
Tan Lin & Truong P. Truong
Key words: Agglomeration Elasticity, Transport, Wider Economic Benefits, Urban Productivity, China.
ITLS-WP-12-13  Adobe PDF Document
Property rights, right to efficiency?
Demi Chung, David Hensher & John Rose
Key words: Ownership; risk management; contract theory; theory of incomplete contract; incentive alignment; public-privatepartnerships; discrete choice models; stated choice experiment.
ITLS-WP-12-14  Adobe PDF Document
Success factors between suppliers and customers in service outsourcing activities.
Peter CW Lok, Wilson Wee-Seng Loh & Jo H Rhodes
Key words: Service outsourcing; customer value; relationship interaction; relationship quality; outsourcing motives.
ITLS-WP-12-15  Adobe PDF Document
Multiple purposes at single destination: A key to a better understanding of the relationship between tour complexity and mode choice.
Chinh Quoc Ho and Corinne Mulley
Key words: Tours; mode choice; MPSD; spatial distribution; public transport; tour typology.
ITLS-WP-12-16  Adobe PDF Document
Snowball effect and traffic equilibrium in a market entry game: A laboratory experiment.
Laurant Denant-Boemont & Vivien Fortat
Key words: Coordination game; loss aversion; experimental economics; road congestion; speed-flow relationship.
ITLS-WP-12-17  Adobe PDF Document
Efficient procurement of public air services - Lessons learned from European transport authorities' perspectives.
Rico Merkert and Basil O'Fee
Key words: Aviation; public service obligations; efficiency; value for money; remote regions.
ITLS-WP-12-18  Adobe PDF Document
Crowding in public transport: A review of objective and subjective measures.
Zheng Li and David A. Hensher
Key words: Public transport crowding; perceptions; objective measures; subjective measures; willingness to pay.
ITLS-WP-12-19  Adobe PDF Document
Understanding buy in for risky prospects: Incorporating degree of belief into the ex ante assessment of support for alternative road pricing schemes.
David A. Hensher, John M. Rose and Andrew T. Collins
Key words: Road pricing reform, voting choice, referendum, subjective belief, perceptual conditioning, revenue allocation, elasticities, choice experiment.
ITLS-WP-12-20  Adobe PDF Document
Cost impacts to motorists of discounted registration fees in the presence of distance-based charges and implications for government revenue.
David A. Hensher and Corinne Mulley
Key words: Road pricing reform; political process; revenue implications; staging reform; appealing solutions; use-related registration fees; distance-based charging.
ITLS-WP-12-21  Adobe PDF Document
A global perspective on pallet life-cycle management practices and a research agenda.
Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya and David Walters
Key words: Pallet life cycle; pallet loss; sustainability; resource scarcity; stakeholder theory; ecological modernization theory; dynamic capabilities perspective.
ITLS-WP-12-22  Adobe PDF Document
What type of road pricing scheme might appeal to politicians? Gaining the citizen vote by staging reform.
David A. Hensher and Michiel C. J. Bliemer
Key words: Road pricing reform; political process; revenue implications; staging reform; simple solutions; use-related registration fees; time reduction benefit charge; non-choice pricing; choice pricing.
ITLS-WP-12-23  Adobe PDF Document
A cost-based maritime container assignment model and port choice.
Michael G. H. Bell and Xin Liu
Key words: Logistics; container assignment model; maritime network.
ITLS-WP-12-24  Adobe PDF Document
The North West Rail Link: Winners and losers in the locality of the north west area.
Geoffrey T. Clifton, Corinne Mulley and David A. Hensher
Key words: Transport user benefits; travel time savings; rail projects; North West Rail Link; Sydney.