Leadership and Policy Seminar Series

Established in 2003, the ITLS Leadership and Policy Seminar Series benefits from leading national and international experts (CEOs, Visiting Professors etc) speaking on topical transport and logistics issues relevant to business and academia. The seminar series attracts a broad audience from industry, government and academia as well as our own faculty and research students. Seminars are usually one hour long including the presentation and time for Q&A.

Our seminar convenors are Dr Matthew Beck, Senior Lecturer in Infrastructure Management and Professor Rico Merkert, Chair in Transport and Supply Chain Management. As seminars are confirmed details are listed below.

Seminars are normally held fortnightly on Tuesdays, between March and November (with a break in July), from 2:00pm to 3:00pm with coffee and tea available from 1-30pm Please check the venue details listed under each seminar.

Invitations are sent to our mailing list at least one week in advance. Seminars are free, however, an RSVP is required, so please respond to the seminar invitation.

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Date: 31st May 2017 11:30 am

Speaker: Governor Martin O’Malley,

Topic: Location-Based Analytics for Smarter Planning: Evidence from Maryland

Governor Martin O’Malley

Bio: Governor Martin O’Malley, 2016 US Democratic presidential candidate, former Governor of Maryland and former Mayor of Baltimore, is a global authority on digitally transforming the business of government.

Under his leadership, Maryland transformed from one of the poorest performing US states to one of the strongest, and recovered 100 per cent of the jobs lost during the national recession. Prior to this, he served two terms as the Mayor of Baltimore, where he cut the city’s crime rate by 43 per cent and shaved $100M off operating costs.

He attributes much of his success in office to his use of advanced location-based analytics as a platform for transparency, accountability and decision-making in government and industry.  Governor O’Malley is in Australia to present the keynote address at the Australian Smart Communities Conference.

Abstract: Location intelligence is the key to data-driven asset management in government and industry. Advanced location-based analytics delivers new insights and enables decision-makers to understand their operations like never before.  Governor O’Malley will draw on key elements of smart city planning, and discuss the way in which these theories can be implemented across industries and businesses. Gain insights into the benefits of mobilising Geographical Information Systems (GIS) from a global leader who has been widely regarded as one of the most effective managers in US government history.

Governor Martin O’Malley