Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Engineering and Economic Equilibrium Problems: Overview and New Results

Professor Steven A. Gabriel, University of Maryland

19th Jun 2018  04:00 pm - ABS Rm 5050, Lvl 5, Abercrombie Building (H70)

Speaker: Professor Steven A. Gabriel, University of Maryland & Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Energy Transition Program), has a background in applied mathematics and computational science. He holds a chair in both civil engineering and mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland.

He is currently in ITLS on a two-week Business School visiting scholar grant to work with Professors Bell and Bliemer on the robust optimisation of inter-dependent utility networks, with transport as the focal network.

Professors Bliemer and Bell will also be discussing shortest path problem formulations with non-additive costs with him, an area of his expertise.

Abstract: In this talk, we give an overview of equilibrium problems from the mixed complementarity problem (MCP) perspective and relate this problem to nonlinear programs, network applications, and Nash non-cooperative games. We also provide some new results related to integer-constrained equilibria with applications that include equity-balancing in networks.