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Claudine Moutou

Claudine Moutou

BA UNSW; MEnvManagement UNSW; PhD Sydney
Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Executive Programs

Rm 1318
C13 - St James Campus
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9114 1878
Fax +61 2 9114 1722


Claudine is a transport sociologist and Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Executive Programs. She joined ITLS in 2009 as a PhD student, worked in tutoring and research roles before becoming a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Since 2014 she has been Lecturer and Unit Coordinator for ITLS5100 the foundation unit for the Masters of Transport Management, and she has teaching responsibilities in the Certificate of Transport Management (CTM). Before commencing her PhD, Claudine worked in state and local government on issues of environmental management. She also spent 10 years working in Manchester, UK on social inclusion projects and new media. She has a Masters of Environmental Management, an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Gender Studies.

Claudine's research focus is on understanding policy, operational and attitudinal barriers to broader appreciation of public transport and sustainable transport options. Her PhD research focused on small businesses in local urban town centres and how they adapt their expectations and behaviour when car parking is displaced to improve public transport, bike and pedestrian accessibility. Other research interests include transport history, adaptive behaviour, flexible transport services, and using mobile devices to engage communities in transport research. In March 2014, Claudine and partners from the School of IT and a bus company were awarded funds from the Henry Halloran Trust to develop RateIT, a crowd-sourced app to improve passenger experience.

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  • Smartphone app to track public transport woes 24 Mar 2014

    The Australian

    The Australian reports on the new smartphone app that allows public transport customers to communicate transit issues in real time. Dr Claudine Moutou is quoted in the article.

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