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Truong Truong

Truong Truong

BE Hons UWA LLB MA MEngSc Sydney PhD Macquarie
Honorary Professor in Sustainable Transport Systems

Room 1336
C13 - St James Campus
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9114 1876
Fax +61 2 9114 1722
Curriculum vitae Curriculum vitae


Dr Truong is Honorary Professor of Sustainable Transport Systems at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney. He was educated at the University of Western Australia in electrical engineering (1970), at Sydney University in electrical engineering (1975) and also in economics (1977) and law (1992). He obtained his PhD at Macquarie University in 1982, specialising in economic theories of choice, demand, and the allocation of time (with applications to transport activities). Before joining the teaching staff in the School of Economics at the University of New South Wales in 07/1984 as a lecturer, and then senior lecturer (07/1989) he worked for the Australian Gas Light Company (09/1981 to 08/1983), and then the New South Wales State Department of Environment and Planning (08/1983 to 07/1984).

With a varied background in engineering, economics, and law, Dr Truong has always been interested in inter-disciplinary research on issues relating to economic development especially with reference to the transport and energy sectors. From 1997-1999, he was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Center for Global Trade Analysis (GTAP), Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. His work focused on the integration of energy flow data into economic input-output data base, and he helped to extend the global computable general equilibrium trade model (GTAP model) to allow the model to be used in the analysis of policies relating to the environment and climate change issues such as energy and carbon taxes, emissions trading. In August 2005, he was awarded a Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg Fellowship to spend 3 months at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study in Delmenhorst, Germany to research into aspects of human economic behaviour from the perspectives of ecological economics. In July 2006, he was awarded a prestigious Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship funded by the European Union to spend 18 months at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin, Germany, to research into the development of a World Integrated Assessment model for the study of Technology Economy and Climate change (WIATEC). Dr Truong has been an active participant at the Energy Modeling Forum (EMF 21 and 22) organised by Stanford University since 2003. He was also a Research Professor with the Department of Energy, Transport, and Environment at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin, Germany (from 10/2004 to 10/2010).

Since June 2010, Dr Truong has also been involved with the Trade and Investment Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in some training program for participants in the Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNeT) on the use of Computable General Equilibrium Models in the analysis of Trade, Environment, and Climate Change issues and contributed to some of their research programs.

At the Institute of Transport and Logistic Studies at the University of Sydney, Dr Truong is currently engaged in a research program aimed at the integration of bottom up discrete choice models which are used in transport and land use studies to top-down computable general equilibrium models. This will enable the cost-benefit analysis of transport infrastructural investment projects to be conducted at the state or national economy level rather than being confined only to the transport sector level, and to look at wider issues such as agglomeration effects and productivity improvement, pricing and taxation reform issues in the transport sector rather than just traffic and congestion issues.