TRESIS is a land use, transport and environment strategy simulator for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra. It is a combined set of models, consisting of location, vehicle, and travel choices. On the short term and long term these models can evaluate the impact of policies on individuals' and households' travel behaviour and the environment. For example the impact of congestion pricing on commuters' travel patterns.

The main technology behind TRESIS lies in its components:

  1. An extensive database of land use, transport networks, population demographics, and vehicle use.
  2. A comprehensive set of demand and supply models.
  3. An interface structure to link with specialised modules (e.g., air quality measures).

These core components give TRESIS unparalleled ability to predict the effects of policy decisions on the urban environment. TRESIS simulations forecasts all motorised traffic, public and private. Public transport is a particular focus for TRESIS.

TRESIS Version 1.10 is free for personal (non-commercial), or non-profit use only. It comes with no technical support.

This version requires Windows XP and does notwork on later Windows platforms.

Users can install VirtualBox on any laptop before installing Tresis.