Learning and Teaching Plan

The Learning and Teaching Strategic Goals and Standards 2011-2014 are now available.

To create, ensure and promote an unmatched learning environment, the University of Sydney Business School relies on a unique relationship between teaching and research. This unique relationship is a distinctive characteristic of a research-intensive Business School, which differentiates Sydney from our competitors. Promoting both research-led teaching and the scholarship of teaching, we seek to stimulate the imagination, curiosity and excitement of our students. Our Learning and Teaching Plan is the strategic manifestation of how the Business School achieves excellence in learning and teaching.

The Business School prepares our graduates for professional and research careers and leadership roles at the national and international level. More importantly, we strive to prepare students for lifelong learning; to think critically about theories, concepts and assumption regarding their disciplines; to confidently communicate (orally and in writing) their knowledge; and to be prepared for global citizenship through a critical and open reflection on the cultural and ethical dimensions of the social, economic and political institutions in which they live and work.

Ongoing, comprehensive and well-resourced programs for the development of academic staff are critical to the achievement and maintenance of high quality teaching and learning. The Business School supports and rewards its academic staff for excellence in teaching, ensuring that our teaching is research-led and that all academic staff have opportunities to engage in the scholarship of teaching. Research-led teaching assures both a cutting-edge curriculum and an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Research-led teaching and the scholarship of teaching also contribute to the development of generic attributes of particular relevance to this Business School, such as ethical reasoning, strategic thinking and problem-solving, leadership and communication skills.