Sydney Teaching Colloquium 2011

At the Sydney Teaching Colloquium Business School session five colleagues each chose one main challenge their students face in their learning, and shared the process they use to overcome it.

John Dumay

Letting Students Know What You Want: Continuous Improvement through Formative Assessment

John Dumay Accounting

What is the challenge in students’ learning that is being addressed?
The main challenge for learning I try to address is how to develop their critical writing skills. It’s important to understand what they need to do to continually improve their critical analysis skills and their ability to apply what they have learned each week.

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Consistency in Marking Assessments

Rosina Mladenovic Accounting

What is the challenge in students learning that is being addressed?
Large student numbers, multiple markers and students’ responses that require subjective professional judgment to assess them, can often result in inconsistency in marking. This makes marking stressful for less experienced markers. It also results in very unhappy students, many student complaints and more work for teachers!

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Rosina Mladenovic
Corina Raduescu

Feedback to promote learning without tears!

Corina Raduescu Business Information Systems

Does our feedback processes enhance our students’ motivation to learn and be successful?
Both students and staff frequently express disappointment or frustration in relation to the conduct of the feedback process. Students complain that feedback is unhelpful, unclear, and demoralising sometimes. Students claim they are not given guidance on how to use feedback to improve their subsequent performance. We usually comment that students are not interested in feedback and are only concerned with their marks; hence we express frustration that students do not incorporate our feedback advice into subsequent tasks. How can we therefore close this gap?

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Scaffolding Learning through an Integrated Assessment System

Sandra Seno Alday International Business

What is the challenge in students learning that is being addressed?
From 2007, I have been the sole course coordinator and lecturer for International Risk Management. There is much diversity among the students not just in terms of nationality, but also in terms of the stage at which they are in their degree, the depth of their business background/qualifications and the breadth and depth of their industry experience. Within this challenging context characterised by large and diverse cohorts, students have often expressed feeling lost, isolated, distracted and de-motivated.

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Sandra Seno Alday
Jeaney Yip

Bringing the Business World into the Classroom: Making the Assessment Real

Jeaney Yip Marketing

What is the challenge in students learning that is being addressed? The challenge that is being addressed is that of relevance and the ability to offer an assessment task that allow students a 'real' experience of the business world. While most Marketing assignments tend to have a pragmatic and applied nature, not all offer the realism of conducting a project that is designed not only in consultation with a ‘real’ business corporation but is also meant to be reported back with recommendations.

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