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Teaching Matters

Volume 6 Issue 12
September 10, 2013

Get your Students Vote - with Socrative Audience Response System


Socrative logo

Please click on the image above for video tutorial

Socrative is a nifty, user friendly audience response system. Typical feedback to eLearning from lecturers and tutors who use it is: I like it.

Socrative is admired for the variety of question techniques it offers, as shown in the image above. Learning is enabled through questions which encourage thinking - deep, critical, creative and reflective. Right? Since Socrative offers a platform which allows you to vibrantly display questions and receive answers (projected on screen) and to spark debate (and from a great many students at any one time) it may well prove to you an invaluable teaching for learning aid. That students answers are secretive, that is, anonymous, will also prevent them from a reluctance to respond in case they may be wrong (and appear foolish).

Socrative's clear screen layout will also no doubt get you your students vote. It is also free software.

For more information on this and other audience response systems please contact Learning and Teaching in Business's Educational Designers, Sam Bizri and Wing Yiu.

For a refresher in Socratic questioning techniques please see for instance