Teaching Matters

Volume 6 Issue 14
December 3, 2013

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Associate Professor Michele Scoufis (left) and Professor John Shields (right)
with student panel members Samantha Sing Ke, Hannah Morris, Jacob White and Farhan Ali

For the first time ever, in 2013 students have been able to directly award their outstanding teachers with a teaching award through the new University of Sydney Business School Students' Choice Awards.

The awards' winners were decided by a student panel from over 600 student nominations where their teachers and the eventual awards' winners were praised by students for being "inspiring, innovative, accessible, creative, passionate, and supportive".

This year's winners for lecturing are Dr Angelo Aspris, Lecturer, Finance and Dr Boris Choy, Senior Lecturer, Business Analytics. The two awards for tutoring went to Accounting Lecturer Angela Hecimovic and Vycke Zheng Wu, tutor, Finance.



Quintin Rares
Text books under the spotlight - Quintin Rares, Lecturer International Business

Are you a Unit of Study Coordinator deciding which kind of text book to offer your students next semester? For instance are you choosing between a traditional heavy weight paper tome (which may or may not have online options) or perhaps authoring a textbook yourself, tailor made for your course, via software iBooks Author or similar?

For Business School lecturer Quintin Rares, from his experience as Unit of Study Coordinator for Business Negotiations, "there is no doubt that student learning is improved through the use of properly designed interactive iBooks on their Mac or iPad."

Students from Business Negotiations reported:

  • they liked how closely each chapter directly accorded with a particular week's lecture and tutorial
  • the way an article's abstract is able to "pop up" in the app motivated them to read the abstract and then the actual article
  • that this type of textbook, with its interactive glossary and highlighting and note-taking functions made it much easier to study from than hard copy books...

For further information on this revolutionary new textbook app please see: Textbook app to revolutionise university learning experience


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