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Teaching Matters Volume 7, 2014

  • Teaching Matters Issue 1 Mastering the First Class/Wikis a quick way to learn students' names
  • Teaching Matters Issue 2 Revised taxonomy leads to deeper levels of student learning (Associate Professor Olivera Marjanovic)
  • Teaching Matters Issue 3 Threshold Concepts / e-Learning Echo Desktop / book voucher opportunity
  • Teaching Matters Issue 4 Professor Greg Patmore - teaching insights from the Innovative Firm, Vycke Wu and Sean Foley - Strategies for Making Sessions Interactive, Sam Bizri - Evernote compared with Blackboard internal journal
  • Teaching Matters Issue 5 Visiting Fellow John Smyrk - Mind Maps for course planning, research and to enhance critical thinking skills/Feedback mini quizzes an effective means of in-class feedback