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Ask someone in business what they want from a Business School graduate, and there is a good chance one or more of the GENERIC BUSINESS SCHOOL ATTRIBUTES will be included in their response.

Generic Business School attributes:

The Generic Business School attributes are informed by the University and Graduate Attributes. They are:

  1. Business Knowledge,
  2. Critical Thinking,
  3. Business Analysis and Problem Solving,
  4. Communication,
  5. Team Working and
  6. Ethical and Social Responsibility.


All Business School programs are designed to support students in developing professionally relevant attributes, including the application of discipline knowledge. Without the generic attributes listed above, discipline knowledge cannot be applied in a meaningful manner.

Generic Business School attributes are another way to articulate program learning goals. The nature and level of a program (i.e., undergraduate, postgraduate or for experienced professionals) influences the way the program learning goals are expressed as outcomes.

Along with the good teaching and overall satisfaction questions and scales in the unit of study evaluation (USE), course experience questionnaire (CEQ) and student course experience questionnaire (SCEQ), generic attributes are a common indicator of effective learning and teaching in many contexts.