Aligning programs

The Business School's vision for its programs and students and program learning goals should align to ensure a consistent message to students, teaching staff, employers and accredititors.

Program learning goals:

  • Explain how the specific degree program relates to the achievement of our school's vision
  • State what we want our students to be; they are aspirational
  • Reflect the skills and knowledge areas that are valued and should be demonstrated by graduates of the program as a result of their overall educational experience
  • Reflect the expected depth and breadth of student knowledge and skills that form the foundation for further professional and personal development
  • Reflect broad educational expectations for each degree program
  • Are limited in number (usually 4-8)
  • Incorporate management-specific areas and general areas, such as discipline-specific knowledge and skills as well as generic skills
  • Are developed in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders including alumni, students and employers.
  • Satisfy the degree requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Should be subject to periodic review to ensure their relevance
  • Should each be translated into one or more learning outcomes that state what students will be able to do in relation to this goal. That is, if the program goal is that 'our graduates will have a global perspective', a corresponding unit of study learning outcome might be that 'our students will diagnose cross-cultural communication issues in a case setting and propose appropriate solutions'.


To an ever-increasing extent, we are expected to provide concrete evidence that our graduating students can demonstrate the learning outcomes that we claim they can. We can only be confident that this is the case:

  • If the goals of the program are consistent with those of the institution
  • If we have agreed on program level outcomes
  • If we have provided explicit, multiple opportunities within the program for our students to be introduced to, develop and ultimately demonstrate program learning outcomes.