Creating and aligning unit outcomes

Program-level outcomes are progressively developed and assessed in the units of study that comprise the program.

Aligning unit outcomes with the program is critical because it:

  • provides a unified and quality learning experience for students
  • gives students the context of how a unit of study ¿¿¿fits in¿¿¿ to the bigger picture of their degree program
  • communicates clear expectations of whether a specific skill or topic is introduced, practiced or assessed in a unit of study


A unit of study is a component of a degree program; each unit of study adds an important part to a student¿¿¿s overall progression of their degree. By aligning your unit of study¿¿¿s planned outcomes to the relevant program learning outcomes, you are making it clear to students why your unit of study is important and how it fits into their degree program.

Program learning outcomes can not be achieved in one unit of study: they are introduced, practiced and assessed during the duration of a program. By making this clear to yourself and your students, it is likely to be easier to assess your students¿¿¿ achievement of unit- and program-level outcomes. This also supports students¿¿¿ progressive development of the skills and knowledge valued in the degree program.
By communicating how your unit learning outcomes align with the relevant program learning outcomes, you are ensuring clear communication of expectations to students.

The Business School is also required to assess students¿¿¿ achievement of program learning outcomes (¿¿¿outcomes assessment¿¿¿ or ¿¿¿assurance of learning¿¿¿) by a number of internal and external stakeholders, such as the Business School¿¿¿s strategic learning and teaching goals and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools (AACSB).


  • Complete section 2.1 of the unit of study outline, making explicit how the unit of study fits into the context of the relevant degree program. List only the program learning outcomes covered by your unit of study.
  • Make section 2.2 of the unit of study outline explicit in how the unit outcomes link to the previous list under 2.1 by mirroring language and ensuring each relevant program learning outcome is reflected in the unit learning outcomes.