Unit of Study Guidelines

Unit of Study Outline

Your Unit of Study Outline communicates to your students and other staff teaching into the unit, the connections between the various components of the unit of study and what you expect your students to be able to demonstrate (eg levels of knowledge, skills etc) by their completion of the unit.

Remote Access

You will require a VPN connection to access the system outside the Business School network. The following link may be used as a guide to set it up: http://sydney.edu.au/ict/internet/download-vpn.shtml

If you have any problems please contact our Business School IT Helpdesk on 9351 5409.

Online Outline System

The Online Outline System is a web-based form which you submit for approval prior to the Application to Activate (A2A) process for Blackboard sites.





UoS outline content and design

Assoc Dean Learning and Teaching

A Prof Michele Scoufis (michele.scoufis@sydney.edu.au)

Policy related to UoS outline

Sub Dean, Business School

Pearl Rozenberg (pearl.rozenberg@sydney.edu.au)

Technical support

eLearning helpdesk

business.elearning@sydney.edu.au or call: 9036 6433






Login to the Unit of Study Online Outline System  through Bb



Create your UoS outline using the online form.



Save your first version on the final page

Your outline will be sent to Assoc Dean Learning and Teaching for approval


Receiving email for

  • Approved - proceed to Step 5
  • Change need to be made - go back to Step 1, make change accordingly
  • Once approved, a PDF is automatically generated and emailed to you, for upload into your Blackboard site.
  • Contact the relevant support if change is needed.


  • upload the outline to your Blackboard site
  • set up any relevant learning items in Blackboard
  • from the A2A online form do Step 2 UoS Review - request the site review

Step 2 - A2A request site review

NB: The University of Sydney Assessment Policy 2011 requires Unit of Study Outlines to be available to students in the first week of the semester.  This means they must be submitted and approved by at least two weeks before the start of semester.

No assignments or online activities on certain dates

When setting up UOS Outlines and assignments, please be aware of dates when either Blackboard or TurnItIn will not be working. You should not schedule submission of assignments or run any online tests etc on any date affected.

Month Dates

Jan 2014

Sun 5th

Thur 9th  Sun 19th

Thurr 23rd

Fri 24th *

Sat 25th*

*Blackboard upgrade

Feb 2014

Sun 2nd

Thur 13th  Sun16th

Thur 27th




Mar 2014

Sun 2nd

Thur 13th  Sun16th

Thur 27th




Apr 2014

Sun 6th

Thur 10th  Sun 20th

Thur 24th




May 2014

Sun 4th

Thur 8th  Sun 18th

Thur 22nd




Jun 2014

Sun 1st

Thur12th  Sun 15th

Thur 26th




Jul 2014

Sun 6th

Thur 10th  Sun 20th

Thur 24th




Aug 2014

Sun 3rd

Thur 14th  Sun 17th

Thur 28th




Sep 2014

Sun 7th

Thur 11th   Sun 21st

Thur 25th




Oct 2014

Sun 5th

Thur 9th   Sun 19th

Thur 23rd




Nov 2014

Sun 2nd

Thur 13th  Sun 16th

Thur 27th




Dec 2014

Sun 7th

Thur 14th  Sun 21st

Thur 25th




(1st and 3rd Sun Turnitin maintenance, 2nd and 4th Thur, 5.00pm onwards IT maintenance, Australia Day Weekend, 24 hrs due to BB upgrade)

Requests for changes to the unit outline

Any requests to change the content of the Unit of Study Outline template should be emailed to Pearl Rozenberg for consideration. Attempts will be made to keep the outline stable and unchanging but no promises can be made. University policy and procedures are changing so fast that it is impossible to promise stability. The online form, however, has built a system that means you will not need to redo things for the areas that remain the same.