3.0 Assessment Details


Please inform students for each assessment item:

Compulsory - Student must undertake the assessment. If they do not undertake the assessmsent, student will receive zero

Mandatory - This means student must undertake the assessment. If student does not undertake the assessment and achieve a mark above certain %, student will receive zero and an AF (absent fail) grade for the entire unit, regardless of what the student's final mark adds up to.

Optional - Student has a choice to undertake the assessment. If they do not undertake the assessment, there is no mark or grade consequence.

Conditions of assessment

There are standard late penalties etc... within the Business School. These are automatically included in the outcome.

If you have any additional rules or requirements, then list them here.

Referencing Style

Within the Business School, the Business School Referencing Guide (BSRG) is the style guide.

If you are using a different style guide - and you have permission to do so - then list it here.

Assessment Task

For each assessment task you must fill in the requested details

  • Task description
  • Assessment criteria
  • Anything else
  • Assessment Media
  • Other Information



Task Description

Assessment tasks wherever possible should require students to use knowledge and skills in ways that are similar to how they are used in real business contexts.

  • Include open-ended inquiry and higher order skills
  • Enable students to learn from each other
  • Provide students with choice (eg in relation to context)

The choice of assessment task depends on the learning outcome being assessed.

Assignments - the assignment question and all other details should be listed here. "To be announced" and "published later in Blackboard" is not acceptable.

Test or Quiz - do not include the questions (for obvious reasons), but include all other relevant details e.g. "This is a one hour closed book test covering the material discussed in weeks 1-5". There will be 10 multiple choice questions and two short answer questions.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria specify how the task (eg project, case study, report) will be judged. Criteria can relate to knowledge, skills and / or dispositions/capabilities. Standards refer to how well the submitted assessment meets each or all criteria (eg at a pass, credit etc level).

You must list the criteria that you will be using in marking the assessment. There is a list of common criteria in use if given. Click on the criteria you will use and you can choose more than one (use the alt key).
Alternatively, please us the "other" box and type and select your own.-? If you wish to use a combination of pre-defined and your own criteria, you can cut and paste from the pre-defined criteria and combine these with your own selections.

Assessment Media

Please choose the most appropriate option for the assessment (you may choose more than one)

Other Information

Please include anything else relevant to the assessment here.