6.0 Unit evaluation and improvement

Why bother?

  1. To improve student learning
    To identify particular aspects of the student experience that facilitates or limits learning. (Of course this feedback needs to be considered in conjunction with your own reflections and feedback from others relating to currency of the curriculum etc.)

  2. To enhance the student experience
    To demonstrate that you value your students' views

  3. To promote as teaching evidence
    As part of the evidence of effective and reflective teaching that you can provide for promotion or in your annual performance and development process. See Academic Promotion section IV 3c and PM&D forms.

  4. To share effective practices with colleagues

Unit of Study Online Evaluation (from Semester 2, 2011)

Please find below the standard evaluation questions.

Quantitative Questions

  1. The teaching in this unit helped me to learn effectively? (old USE item 2)
  2. I found the knowledge and skills I gained in this unit relevant? (old USE item 6)
  3. The assessment in this unit allowed me to demonstrate what I had learned? (old USE item 5)
  4. The feedback I received on my work helped to further advance my learning? (old USE item 8)
  5. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this unit? (old USE item 12)

Qualitative Questions

  • What did you particularly like in this unit?
  • What suggestions for improvement would you like to make?

Closing the feedback loop

Closing the loop during semester Closing the loop at the end of semester

Tips on using Unit of Study Online Evaluation feedback

Using Mid-semester student feedback

Useful tips can be found on the IOWA State University website and the Center for Instructional Development and Research website.

The feedback you receive is only for your own use (although by including a brief summary and reference to any actions you took...you are providing evidence of professional development as an educator which is useful in promotion etc applications).