Unit Quality Enhancement and Assurance


  1. Reviewing the quantitative feedback from our students and on their satisfaction with the teaching of the unit and their overall experience, is one indicator of possible strengths or problems in a unit.

  2. This information tracked over time together with the following data sources can inform inquiry into unit quality
    • The Online Evaluation qualitative student comments
    • Feedback from a colleague of the unit co-ordinator in relation to specific aspects of a unit, eg appropriateness of assessment tasks, criteria for assessing a task etc, is also valuable
    • Reflections of the unit co-ordinator and teaching team where appropriate
    • Student results of assessment tasks.


The data below shows whether students either strongly agreed or agreed (score is the addition of the two) or strongly disagreed or disagreed (score is the addition of the two).

Where students disagreement or strong disagreement > 10%, there is an indication that a cohort is dissatisfied with that element of the unit.

Where agreement or strong agreement ≥ 90% are very satisfied with this aspect of the unit. The qualitative data should confirm this.

Please contact Michele Scoufis to discuss further, interpretation of the data.



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Semester two

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