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4.0 Topic Schedule

One approach to organising the unit content is to:

  • Imagine you are describing the unit to someone else what the main concepts in the unit are and what the relationship between them and the unit as a whole. How does this content relate to the content of other units?
  • Arrange the key topics in a way that is meaningful for you and put into the topic schedule. 
  • Providing your student with a map of course content helps your students to understand how topics relate to / build upon other topics.

The topic schedule is intended to be the back page of the outline so students can tear it off and stick it on their wall if they wish.

Topic Schedule

Sometimes it is all in the timing.

  • Look to timetabling lectures and tutorials (when possible) so that there is appropriate time for preparation or required immediacy for application. The best schedule is dependable on the overall structure of the Unit of Study.
  • Consider the flow of unit of study content so that students can keep on building upon the previous week and deepen their learning at each stage.
  • Consider the impact assessment can have on learning by scheduling feedback and further assessment opportunities to demonstrate improvement.
  • Check all key University dates for start/end of Semester, public holidays, study vacation, examinations, and submission of grades before finalising semester schedules.


Timing different aspects of a Unit of Study is significant to the way students learn and experience the Unit of Study. This applies to content in lectures in relation to tutorials, assessment tasks to different content areas, and evaluation and feedback in relation to the learning events.

No one likes to feel rushed and lacking in time. Scheduling content and assessments in a Unit of Study can be used to support students and staff in managing their time.


  • Lecture and tutorial room bookings are done only by the Faculty Timetabling Manager. Consider your ideal arrangement and then contact the Manager to identify availability. A Unit of Study is allocated the same timeslot as the previous time it was delivered if no changes are requested. Bookings are made on a first-come first-served basis.
  • A calendar including all Unit of Study key dates and suggested tasks for independent study assists students in creating an overall plan for the Semester. The calendar can be shared using Blackboard and included in the Unit of Study outline.

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