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1.0 Unit of Study Information

Pre-requisite units

This is automatically updated and inserted into the outline.

Assumed knowledge and/or skills

This is an optional section - if it does not apply to you, a simple 'There is no assumed knowledge as this is an introductory unit' is sufficient.

Otherwise, it provides an opportunity to explain any assumed knowledge and/or skills. Lecturers may wish to direct the student to the relevant supplementary learning sources, if that is appropriate.

For example, it may be that HSC level maths or equivalent is assumed and those students who do not have this level of knowledge are advised to attend the maths bridging or maths workshops.

Unit Co-ordinator and associated information

This is the person who is logged into the UOS Outline system. If you are not that person, please select from the dropdown list to choose the co-ordinator for the unit.

Required Text/Resources

Please list required texts and other sources.

If you have recommended texts, list them under the heading "Recommended Texts".

Program Learning Outcomes

This is automatically updated and inserted into the Outline.

Unit of Study Information

This is the handbook description of the unit. This description is updated and inserted into the Outline automatically.

Unit learning aims

The description of the aims of the unit makes explicit what the unit is designed to achieve. Include here why the unit is important to the learner and how the unit relates to the overall program/major/specialisation where possible.

You may wish to refer to the relevance of the unit to the profession. For example, does the unit build on or apply skills/knowledge from a previous unit, or does it develop skills/knowledge that students will then use in other units?

This section builds an overall sense of the coherence of the overall major or program of study.

Other suggested resources

If PASS is operating in your unit, please include details here.

If additional support - maths, writing, literacy, English language - please include here

If your offer additional resources, please include here.