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Application to Activate System/Creating a Blackboard Site

The Blackboard Site Application to Activate system has been developed to provide a single system to manage the submission, review and release of Blackboard sites for your Unit of Study.

Follow the three steps below to get your Blackboard site online and available to students.

As Unit Co-ordinator you will have automatically been given access to your Unit by the DEO/Admin for your Discipline/department.  Once you have prepared your Blackboard site login to the A2A system and follow the steps:

Step 1 Allocate Staff and Submit for approval.

The Units for which you are co-ordinator will be listed.  If your unit is not listed, please contact your DEO/Admin to request them to add you as co-ordinator for your Unit.  Add any staff who need access to your Unit using the “Manage Staff List” button.  If the staff member is not in the dropdown list, please complete a CAMS form

Once you have completed this step you can submit your Unit for A2A approval by e-learning.  If the ‘submit for approval’ button is greyed out, this means that your Unit of Study Outline has not yet been approved.  You will not be able to submit your Unit to the A2A process until this step has been completed.  You can select whether you would like your Unit to be immediately activated once approved or to activate it yourself.

Step 2 – Pending approval

Your Unit will be reviewed by the e-learning team.  Once this has been completed, you will receive an email advising that your Unit is approved.  Your unit will be automatically activated if you chose this option in Step 1. 

NB: The review is mandatory and ensures Business School compliance with the Academic Board Policy on Learning Management Systems. 

Step 3 – Approved

If you chose to activate the Unit yourself, your Unit will appear in this option – choose the activate button to make the Unit live.  Note this step is skipped if you selected your Unit to be automatically activated.

Step 4 – Live Blackboard Units

If you would like to check the activation status of your Unit, you will be able to see it in this step.  You would also use this step to add additional staff during semester or to deactivate the Unit at the end of semester.

Should you require assistance with the A2A process, please contact the E-learning Support team.