KeypadsWhat are keypads?

Keypads are an electronic response system that allows your audience to use response keypads (similar to a small remote control that sends signals via radio frequency), to respond to questions relayed to them via a Powerpoint presentation. We have access to the new University-wide system that makes this process easier than ever.
Why use keypads

Using keypads in your lecture or presentation encourages students' interactivity and deep learning. It can deliver all the benefits of interactive lectures over traditional format lectures as identified by Steinert and Snell, as well as provide accurate, immediate and simultaneous collation and display of responses. This allows a greater responsiveness on the teacher's part, improves the efficiency of the lecture over methods such as a show of hands or flash cards, and provides students with immediate feedback on their comprehension of material and the views of their peers.

For an article about interactivity and Powerpoint, refer to:

How do keypads work?

The system works in a similar way to the more familiar audience voting systems often seen on live audience television shows (such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire). Interactive question slides are inserted into a Powerpoint presentation and students respond to them using individual response keypads. The responses are picked up by an infrared receiver and conveyed to your computer. You can choose to have the results graphically display within your presentation after the results have been collected (e.g. for polling purposes) or not (e.g. for assessment or demographic data-collection).

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