ReViewWhat is ReView?

ReView is an online feedback system (currently in development) that allows students to:

  • view the criteria alignment to aspects of an assessment item
  • they can self-assess their submision against those criteria, and
  • view their self-assessment along with the marker's assessment for each criteria
  • develop their understanding of that criteria with the aim of improving their performance for the next assessment.

Online feedback focusses on helping students understand and improve their understanding of criteria based on the University's graduate attributes and does not replace Blackboard or the official University administration system that provides marks and grades for Units of Study at the end of each semester.

Why use ReView?

Research shows that if something is not assessed, it is low priority for students. Assessment for learning helps students become lifelong learners. One of the important factors of assessment is providing students with feedback in a way that allows them to act upon it and improve their performance in subsequent assessments.

Online feedback software uses the graduate attributes - which employers value in graduates - as a basis for staff to define their specific assessment criteria. Giving students a visual and interactive tool with which to engage with assessment criteria and graduate attributes fosters reflection, which in turn is a key step in cognitive development and supports learning outcomes.

How do you use ReView?

For technical information, support, or a demonstration, contact Business eLearning.

ReView links

For students Students: ReView for students (requires Faculty login)

For staff Staff: ReView for staff (requires Faculty login)

NB: Watch a video of the student view of Blackboard and ReView (requires Flash plugin)

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