Lecture and Desktop Recording

Student using iPhone The University is rolling out new lecture and desktop recording facilities, offering opportunities for academics to record whole lectures or short presentations from teaching spaces and their desktop computers. These presentations can then be made available to students through their Blackboard site/s (via the Lectopia delivery system).

Some general information that you might find helpful:

Any general queries about how lecture- or desktop-recording works may be directed to Business eLearning.


Echo360 is the lecture recording and uploading tool used at the University of Sydney. It has been installed in over 100 University venues and is designed to record lectures up to three hours long.

Echo360 provides two options for lecture recording:

  1. EchoSystem automatically records the audio and projected image of a recurring lecture series that is held in the same venue. When the recording is finished it automatically converts and posts it to Blackboard for students to download or stream. When the EchoSystem booking request is submitted and approved, the lecturer simply needs to speak into the lapel microphone for the recording to begin. For Business School, all lectures will be automatically recorded and published to “Lecture Recordings” area of your unit of study in Blackboard. The recording is scheduled to start automatically so the lecturer simply needs to speak into the lapel microphone for the recording to begin. If there are two screens, only the screen on the left facing the students will be recorded. The recordings are streaming only and students will not be able to download them.
  2. Personal Capture allows you to record lecture audio and desktop presentations on the fly. This software is available on the computer in University AV-equipped venues and can also be downloaded from the EchoSystem portal and installed on your computer. Personal Capture can be used to record only audio from a lapel mic or both the audio from a lapel mic as well as the desktop video of a presentation directly on to a computer. When the recording has finished, you can either copy your files to a storage device such as a USB memory stick or publish the recording straight to EchoSystem and Blackboard. You can contact Business School eLearning Helpdesk to add you to the EchoSystem portal. Then you can follow these instructions to download and use Personal Capture.

If you want to access Echo360 portal, download your lecture recordings or upload personal desktop recordings, please contact Business School eLearning helpdesk to arrange your access. When your application has been processed you will be able to log in to the EchoSystem Portal using your UniKey and password. Here you can upload and access Echo360 recordings that are currently available for your Unit of Study.