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The Business School has the Dean's Citation for Teaching as well as Dean's Citation for Tutoring.

The Dean's Citation for Teaching

Dean's Citation for Teaching will be awarded to Unit of Study coordinators/teaching teams on the basis of Unit of Study Evaluation (USE) feedback which provides evaluative data on the overall quality of the teaching in the Unit of Study as perceived by students (individual streams do not qualify for citations). The three relevant Unit of Study Online Evaluation questions, which mirror the University and national Learning and Teaching Performance Fund key indicators of teaching performance, are question 1 (Teaching), question 3 (Assessment) and question 4 (Feedback).

Citations are automatically awarded to those Unit Coordinators/teaching teams who achieved the upper % agreement benchmark on these three USE items (Coordinators/teaching teams do not need to apply).

  • 85% agreement is needed for units of study with 150 or above respondents,
  • 90% agreement is needed for units of study with for 50-149 respondents,
  • 92% agreement is needed for units of study with 20-49 respondents.

Unit coordinators/teaching teams of units of study with less than 20 student respondents or less than 60% student response rate are not eligible for citation.

Dean's Citation for Teaching Recipients - Award Ceremony 12 November 2014