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Leadership Capacity Building

In the Business School there are a number of formal and informal roles that involve leadership in learning and teaching such as the Dean, Pro-Dean, Associate Deans, Chairs of Disciplines, Program Directors, Major Coordinators, Year Coordinators, Unit Coordinators, Tutor Coordinators and Senior Tutors. However, it is important to note, that not all leaders have positions of authority and that some of our best leaders in learning and teaching in our Faculty are those who motivate and inspire their colleagues and students at the chalk face.


What do we mean?

Explains what we mean by 'leadership', including information on what effective leadership in learning and teaching is and characteristics of good leaders in learning and teaching.

Students in class

Program Directors

Provides support to Program Directors.

Students in class


Provides support to Chairs of Discipline.

Jeaney Yip

Unit Coordinators

Provides support to Unit Coordinators.