Working with tutors

TutorialTutors facilitate significant learning opportunities.

  • Consider meeting with tutors regularly throughout the semester to find out how they are doing and how the students are learning the material.
  • Encourage tutors to collaborate in their tutorial preparation and dealing with challenges.
  • Present the tutors as part of the teaching team for the students to create a consistent learning environment.
  • Encourage tutors to seek feedback on how they are doing and offer feedback when appropriate


Working closely with tutors will improve student Unit of Study experience through more consistent learning environment and happier teaching team.

Tutors will know where students are struggling and where they are excelling usually before the lecturers do. Sharing this information will allow for appropriate adjustment on Unit of study delivery to benefit student learning.

Tutors may feel quite isolated in the Business School. Encouraging collaboration with other tutors and communicating with them frequently will allow them to perform at a higher level by reducing the distance between tutors and other staff members.


  • Prepare tutorial guidance notes a few weeks in advance and encourage tutors to get together the week before to compare notes and tutorial plans. Organising the first few meetings will help for good habits to form.
  • Consider sometimes inviting tutors into the lectures to support students with in-class groupwork or when giving feedback on assignments.
  • Suggest feedback questions for tutors to ask and encourage them to share the feedback they have been given and support developing appropriate responses to it.

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