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What do we mean by leadership?

compassThere are two key aspects to most definitions of leadership: 'exercising influence' and 'providing direction'. Ronald Heifetz suggests that leadership is 'mobilising people to tackle tough problems' (Heifetz, 1994, p.15).

What is effective leadership in learning and teaching?

Effective leadership in learning and teaching involves:

  • 'Showing concern for staff as teachers'
  • Creating an open, co-operative and consultative climate; and
  • Supporting and developing an environment for peer learning. Developing an environment where teachers can learn from each other' (Ramsden, 1992, p.258).
    According to Hutchings and Schulman (1999) 'staff and students are most likely to be engaged in learning and teaching when an environment is created where scholarly reflection on teaching (not teachers) is public, susceptible to critical review and evaluation and accessible for exchange and use by other members of one's scholarly community.'

Our School recognises the key role our staff play as teachers and facilitators of learning through:

  • The role of the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching as the advocate for learning and teaching at the senior management level
  • Associate Dean Learning and Teaching and Director of Learning and Teaching in Business supporting the Faculty in achieving the goals of the Learning and Teaching Goals 2011-2014 and the 3 Strategic Action Points
  • Providing awards, grants and fellowships for staff in the area of learning and teaching

Our School creates an open, co-operative and consultative climate through:

Our School develops an collaborative learning environment where teachers can learn from each other through: