Characteristics of learning and teaching leaders

CompassWhat are the characteristics of effective leaders in learning and teaching?

Geoff Scott in a 2003 study identified the following traits as the most important characteristics of effective leaders in teaching and learning:

  • Being able to remain calm under pressure or when things go wrong
  • Having a sense of humour & being able to keep work in perspective
  • Having a clear & justified vision of where the school must head
  • Being able to deal effectively with conflict situations
  • Wanting to achieve the best outcome possible
  • Being able to bounce back from adversity
  • The ability to empathise with and work productively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • An ability to make a hard decision
  • Being able to set and justify priorities
  • A willingness to listen to different points of view before coming to a decision
  • Being willing to face and learn from errors & listen openly to feedback
  • Being able to identify from a mass of information the core issue in any situation
  • Being able to develop and contribute positively to team-based projects (Scott, 2003)
This page is adapted from UNSW Leadership page.