Student thinking in examA great unit of study engages students in serious work throughout the semester.

  • As a guide, students are expected to work 120hr during the semester in a six credit point unit of study. This equals to an average 9hr per week throughout the semester.
  • The University guideline on assessment per credit point is either 700-1000 words or 1hr examination.
  • When using assessments other than essays or exams, it may be easiest to estimate workload by assigning expected hours of work for each unit of study component.
  • It is helpful for students to have a clear outline of expected workload to guide them in their planning for the unit of study.


Students approach their work better, when the workload can be estimated and it seems appropriate in comparison with their other duties.

Basic fairness would suggest that credit points should be comparable and students are entitled to expect comparative workloads to complete their units of study.