Feedback on your teaching

Collaborative Peer Support for Teaching

"Collaborative peer support for teaching" is a supported process within the Tutor Development Program (TDP) for tutors to pair up and observe each other¿¿¿s teaching/tutorials and then give feedback to each other. The process is concluded with personal reflection about what you learned from watching someone teach and also what you learned from their feedback to you.

The peer observation is intended to be completed in the spirit of collegiality and to support tutor development. Peer observation is also confidential and there needs to be agreement that all parties will keep the observations and feedback to each other confidential.

Tutors will be paid for the time spent observing another tutor colleague, plus the time taken meeting with your colleague before and after the observation ¿¿¿ which usually results in up to 3 hours paid in total for peer observation.

Please contact the Tutor Development Program coordinator via email to request the peer observation forms and information pack if you wish to participate in an observation with a colleague:

Note: The process was previously known as "Peer Review of Teaching" or "Peer Observation of Teaching" within the Business School.

Summative Feedback from Students for evidence of effectiveness of tutoring (eg. for contract renewal)

The Institute of Teaching and Learning (ITL) provides valuable information on how to obtain feedback on your teaching. There is a specific tutor teaching form for you to request. Only you will receive the results of this feedback and you can decide with whom to share the feedback (if anyone).

To order the survey forms, go to the ITL website, enter your details, and then choose which questionnaire you would like your students to complete. We strongly suggest ordering the Teaching in Tutorials, numerical questionnaire with scannable forms. These are the only forms that are acceptable for the Dean's Citation for Tutoring Awards.

Note: Only you can order these forms (they will not be ordered for you).