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Semester 2, 2014

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    • Workshop 1
    • Workshop 2
    • Workshop 3
    Module 1  
    Your first tutorial: Essential tips for tutoring effectively for the beginning tutor
    *compulsory module
    Module 2  
    Using Blackboard/Turnitin to support teaching and students
    Module 3  
     Teaching international students (online mode)
    Module 4  
    Fostering active learning in your tutorials: Strategies for the beginning tutor to enhance students' learning
    *compulsory module
    Module 5  
    Providing feedback that enhances learning: Strategies for the beginning tutor
    *compulsory module
    Module 6  
    Evaluating and documenting your teaching: Enhancing your teaching and student learning through reflection, peer support and students' feedback
    Module 7  
    Effective groupwork (online mode)