Maths Tutor Recruitment

The deadline for Maths tutor applications Friday 19th September at 10am sharp.

Why should you become a Maths tutor?

Being a Maths tutor has significant benefits such as:

  1. Working within a large, supportive and enjoyable team environment
  2. Personal satisfaction and professional development through helping a diverse cohort of students
  3. Free professional development in group leadership, classroom management and communication skills
  4. A certificate of recognition when you complete the PASS/ Maths in Business professional development
  5. Improved communication, organisation and time management skills
  6. Improved public speaking and presentation skills
  7. Significant experience to enhance your CV such as documented leadership experience

In addition, Maths tutors will be paid:

  1. To conduct group tutorials from weeks 2 to week 6 (approximately 2-4 workshops per week)
  2. To complete one hour of preparation each week
  3. To attend various additional training and/ or professional development days