Selection criteria

If you agree or answer 'yes' to ALL of the below statements, you are eligible to apply for a position as a tutor for the Maths in Business Program.

  • I am a current tutor in the Business School
  • I have attended at least one Tutor Development Program module
  • I have received a Distinction or High Distinction in at least two completed core quantitative units of study and a credit average overall in your academic achievement to date.
  • I am able to commit to work at least one year in the Maths in Business program
  • I am able to attend 2 days of Professional Development on theĀ 17th and 18th February 2015.

To apply, you MUST address ALL of the 'essential' selection criteria below, providing evidence of each, in your 'Selection Criteria Statement'.


  • Good time management, communication, listening and interpersonal skills
  • Empathy with students and the struggles they may experience in specific units of study and/or their transition to university study
  • Ability to identify areas of student difficulty AND strategies/ study tips to help students overcome those difficulties
  • Capacity to use feedback to further improve your teaching