PASS Excellence Awards

PASS wins national and international recognition

Our PASS program has won multiple awards at the institutional, national and international level for the quality of our work and the outstanding outcomes that our program has achieved.

In particular, PASS has been recognised for the outstanding contribution to the enhancement of students' learning and engagement, and to students' overall satisfaction with the quality of their university experience.

Summary of Awards

Undergraduate Business Statistics/ Economics Team

2013: Undergraduate Business Statistics/ Economics Team was awarded the Australiasian "Outstanding PASS Team 2013" by the PASS National Centre. This team consists of James Kirkpatrick, Shirley Hu, Alex Meekin, Claudia Yeap, Naomi Pan and Mario Moreno, PASS facilitators in the Business School. The International Judge, Catherine Unite, from the University of Texas Arlington, commended the team on their understanding of peer learning theory as demonstration by their outstanding performance, commitment and leadership. In addition, the team was acknowledged for demonstrating outstanding collaboration.

Samantha Sing-Key

2012: Samantha Sing-Key won a national leader award, in the Senior Leader's Award category, granted by the Australasian National Centre for PASS. Samantha facilitates in senior Accounting units and is the team leader for the undergraduate Accounting team.

Murphy Xue

2011: Murphy Xue was awarded the most outstanding senior leader prize from the Australasian National Centre for PASS. Murphy facilitated in both Finance and Accounting and was the PASS Finance team leader for 2011.

Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence

2011: University of Sydney Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence: Our most recent award was the 2011 "Vice-Chancellor's Award for Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence in Teaching and Learning". This award recognises the vital role that faculty/school and institutional systems, structure and processes play in the enhancement of teaching and learning. Kellie Morrison, Jessica Morr and Garth Tarr were collectively recognised for their leadership.

Robert Pietriche

2010: Robert Pietriche won a national PASS award, in the New Leader's Award category. Rob facilitates in Business Law and is the PASS senior team mentor/leader in 2011.

Michael Su

2009: Michael Su won a national leader award, granted by the Australasian National Centre for PASS. Michael facilitated in Finance and Economics and was the Economics team leader for two years.

2008 University of Sydney Citations winners

2008: Kellie Morrison founded the PASS program in the Business School at the University of Sydney in 2005. Kellie was recognised for her leadership and the quality of the PASS program with a national Australian Teaching and Learning Council Citation for excellence in 2008. Kellie's citation recognises her "excellence in leadership, design and implementation of a faculty-wide peer learning program that enhances students' learning, engagement and the quality of students' overall experience".

Jenni Zhao

2008: Jenni Zhao won an International SI / PASS award, in the New Leader's Award category. As noted above, the award is highly competitive and prestigious, being granted by the founding institution of the peer learning model upon which PASS is based. Jenni was a team leader of our postgraduate team and facilitated in several Accounting units.

Garth Tarr

2008: Garth Tarr won the "Outstanding Senior Facilitator Award" national award, granted by the Australasian National Centre. In the same year, Brady Weissel was shortlisted for the same award. Garth facilitated in Econometrics for several years, and was more recently recognised with the Excellence Award in tutoring as well. Garth was senior team mentor/leader for many years and has contributed to the overall enhancement of the PASS program since its inception.