PASS Blackboard

Self-enrolment for PASS Blackboard Program

PASS has its own Blackboard site and ALL of our PASS practice material is located there. It is a fantastic additional resource for your studies provided by the Business School.

ALL students can access it by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Login to Blackboard (

Step 2: Go to the Organisation Search tool.
PASS Blackboard Step 2

Step 3: Using the Organisation Search tool on the left, enter 'PASS' and click GO
PASS Blackboard Step 3

Step 4: Your search results should display something like the image below:
Click the double arrows beside PASS_ORG
PASS Blackboard Step 4

Step 5: On the drop-down menu that appear click Enroll
PASS Blackboard step 5

Step 6: You will be asked to enter the enrolment access code: PASS
Note: this access code is case-sensitive.
Enter the code and then click 'Submit'.
Enter enrolment access code and SUBMIT

You are now enrolled!

You will find PASS listed under My Organisations on the main 'My Business School' Blackboard page.

Welcome to PASS Blackboard.