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Studying at the University of Sydney Business School is a new and exciting experience. However, some of you might need support while readjusting to the university environment. This section of the website contains where to go for study assistance within the Business School as well as brief information on some of the most important aspects of studying at the university.

Business Education

Business Education provides student support by way of one-to-one consultations as well as group workshops. Business Education learning support is designed to assist students in developing the skills required to manage their studies more effectively to ensure a deep learning approach that will in turn lead to higher results. This opportunity is available to all students in the Business School, irrespective of majors or degree program. For assistance, please visit the Business Education student support page.

Other helpful links

  • Academic writing
    Struggling with an assignment? This section will help. This section contains links to guides and resources on writing at the University level.
  • Learning Skills Helpsheets
    Resources to help you write
  • Research skills
    In-depth resource on researching for your assignments - learn how to use the library, find books and journal articles and use databases.
  • Groupwork
    Got a group assignment this semester? Learn how to be more effective when working as a team.
  • Surviving and enjoying uni
    Want to know more about getting through the semester and passing all the exams? More information is available here.
  • Students@Risk
    Have you been struggling with your workload and study? We can help you.
  • The Learning Centre
    Provides students with online resources for successful studies as well as links to academic writing skills and how to write certain text types

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