Groupwork: Frequently Asked Questions

What use is groupwork to my career?

Successful groupwork experiences can help your career considerably. Group-based project work is used in many organisations and employers value staff who are able to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with a team of people. Skills as a team leader can also be developed during groupwork tasks at university.

Experience in team work at University provides an opportunity for you to add another experience and skill to your resume, and provides you with first-hand experiences to which you can relate in an interview situation.

See What's in it for me for more information.

What can I do if our group is not working out well?

Try referring back to the roles that the group members agreed to early in your group meetings. Gain an understanding of what every team member agreed to do, and raise the issue in your next group meeting. Remind people of their commitments and get them to reaffirm their commitments. If you have problems getting your team members to acknowledge their commitments talk to your tutor/lecturer and seek some advice.

See Spotting and dealing with problems for more information.

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