What do we need to produce?

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What do we need to produce?
How do we produce it?

There is usually some 'product' that you will be asked to produce in a group.  This might be a written report or a group presentation for an assessment task, or it might be a smaller scale task for in-class groupwork - like a list of advantages/disadvantages, a diagram, a description, set of examples, decisions for a weekly online competitive simulation, etc.

For larger tasks that are assessment based

  • Analyse the UoS outline and assessment criteria to ensure you have a deep understanding of the standard that is expected for the assessment task. Sometimes this will include self and peer assessment criteria that relate not just to the sub-tasks but also to the team processes (e.g. how well you were prepared, punctual for and participated in group meetings).
  • Analyse the assessment criteria to develop a clear appreciation of the task required and what ?product? is expected.
  • Ask your lecturer/tutor to clarify any aspects of the assessment criteria that you are unsure of.
  • Plan strategies to develop a final product that is up to standard.  For example: methods of acknowledging sources, writing style, etc.