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Meeting deadlines
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Good planning and management for groupwork helps a group to complete tasks on-time. Here are some management tips that will help your group meet deadlines.

  • Start working early. Don't leave things to the last minute. Working as a group and coordinating a number of people takes longer that working on your own.
  • Prepare a meetings schedule. This can be done at the first or second group meeting, when everyone has their diary and can agree to meeting times, and before other commitments fill individual schedules. If group members know well in advance when the group is meeting there is less chance that they will miss meetings because of other commitments.
  • Plan more meetings than you think you will need. It will be easier to cancel a meeting than schedule a later meeting for people with busy schedules.
  • Prepare a plan of the tasks that need to be completed. Consider which tasks that need to be done before others. Set deadlines for all tasks. Leave some slack in your plan in case things go wrong - then you will have time to overcome problems.
  • Meet regularly to check progress of all team members on tasks.
  • Agree to bring written notes/materials to meetings to show others. Consider distributing (perhaps by email) before a meeting so that group members have a chance to read them beforehand. This will help you detect if any group members are not working consistently and will delay the group's progress.

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