Welcome to eResearch: Library skills

This unit of study explores how to distinguish and understand key types of academic information sources.

You will learn how to:

  • identify and locate these sources using the Library catalogue and online course reading service (eReserve)
  • formulate strategies for locating information for an assessment task or essay, and
  • make full use of the range of information, resources and assistance available.

On completion of these modules, you will:

  • appreciate the range of resources and search techniques available
  • be able to use appropriate library tools and methodologies to locate, access and use information
  • know how to acquire and evaluate new knowledge through independent research
  • be able to think independently, analytically and creatively, and
  • have integrated these information skills into your online learning experience.

Please feel free to contact your liaison librarian or browse the library's Research and Information Skills website.

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