4.3 Keyword searching

The best place to start when looking for reference material is with the Keyword search in the Online Catalogue. Keyword searching allows you to enter your own words - the key concepts that you have identified for your topic. The catalogue will then search for those words anywhere in the title, author, notes or subject heading of a reference. (Subject searching is not the best way to start, as you do need to know the correct subject heading for your topic.)

With Keyword searching you can use the Boolean operators and truncation symbols that you learned about in Module 3. We're going to show you how to enter these into the Keyword search boxes in the Catalogue, and then we'll ask you to go live, and perform your own search in the online catalogue!

View the instructions in a new window, or you can pick up a set from Fisher Information Desk.

Next, go to the following page to see a simulation of a keyword search. Look over the instructions, and then watch the simulation again, so that you're sure you know what to do when you go live.

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