2.2 What's in Reserve and eReserve

Some lecturers give the Library advance notice of what will be on your reading lists. The Library places these items in Reserve collections so that everyone gets a chance to use them.

Not everything on your reading lists will always be placed in the Reserve collection.

Books, reading packs, lecture tapes and lecturer's private copies are physically situated in Fisher Reserve on level 2 of Fisher Library. These items can be borrowed for two hours and cannot be taken outside of Fisher (except for overnight loan).

Other University of Sydney libraries also have Reserve collections, and their loan periods and conditions may be different to those in Fisher Library.

Increasingly, journal articles and chapters of books are digitally scanned and placed in eReserve for you to access on the web from any computer connected to the internet.

To find material held in Fisher Reserve and eReserve, check the Online Catalogue.

Now let's practice how to use Reserve. You will be given step-by-step guidance on how to proceed. Just remember to read the instructions in the left yellow frame and follow the prompts.

The tutorial should take about 12 minutes to complete.

Begin the tutorial.

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