About Learning and Teaching in Business

A very warm welcome to learning and teaching at the University of Sydney Business School.

With your support and input, this website is intended to help 'build and sustain the leading learning community in business and management education in Australia and its region.' (Business School vision statement).

The learning and teaching section of the website:

  • Values both learning and teaching
  • Values collaborative learning between our peers (students and/or teachers)
  • Recognises that each discipline has its specific learning and teaching challenges and support needs
  • Encourages the forming of networks and communities of learning among both our staff and students

We at Learning and Teaching in Business are committed to providing leadership and support in learning and teaching that complements support available from other University centres (e.g., the Institute of Teaching and Learning; the Learning Centre) and that reflects the School's size and culturally-diverse and dynamic context. We believe that for students and teachers, successful learning and teaching needs to be challenging, fun, interesting, relevant and practical. We hope that these pages will encourage you explore, share, and enhance your own experience as either a student or teacher or perhaps as both.

Your input in terms of feedback/suggestions/useful resources that we could share is invaluable. Please send to Michele Scoufis with your queries/suggestions.